About Pram Chorus...

Pram Chorus was born in 2012, when Musical Director/new-mum, Ruth Routledge, decided to combine her two main roles in life. She started a choir for parents in Balham, South London, UK, where parents could bring along their babies/toddlers. The focus however, was very much on the parents as Ruth felt, and experienced herself, a lack of supportive and child-friendly activities for new parents. Over time Pram Chorus expanded to run more fun, friendly, non-auditioned community choirs in Streatham, Brixton, Beckenham, Tooting and Balham, London and further afield in Sheffield, UK.

Pram Chorus is more than a choir - it's a community, where everyone is welcomed and supported in a non-judgemental way. Being a parent is challenging. Not only are you dealing with the needs of a small, demanding dependent, it is extremely common (and understandable) to have issues with your own identity; feelings of loneliness and isolation as well as a loss of confidence after the trauma of birth, sleepless nights and feeding issues to name a few. Pram Chorus is extremely effective in that not only does singing with others in itself help to deal with negative feelings and emotions, it also creates a community of parents in a locality, who have something more in common than being parents - a shared interest in music.

Based on her own experiences, reports from choir members and new research, Ruth has become more aware of the positive mental-health benefits of group singing. Pram Chorus has now evolved to focus on that, running singing groups with family-support charities in South London, Homestart Wandsworth and Little Village. The emphasis in these groups is on mental health, wellbeing, inclusion and community. Aside from getting you to make sounds you’ve never even dreamed of, Ruth is supportive and understanding of the challenges of parenthood and creates a warm, welcoming place to come together. You don't need to have any singing experience or talent, nor do you have to make small talk or discuss the intricacies of your baby's feeding/pooing-habits (although of course you can) - you can just rock up and sing!


Crib Notes

The existing weekly parents’ choirs in Streatham, Brixton, Beckenham and Balham are continuing under this new name. Go to cribnotes.co.uk for information and to book. 

To find out more have a look at the Pram Chorus website.

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Pram Chorus was my saviour last year! I came out with my brain fizzing and popping with songs and made a wonderful group of friends.
— Anna, accountant and mum to Jacob.