Pram Chorus is a fun and friendly daytime choir for mums, dads, grandparents, expectant mothers, nannies and anyone else looking after small people. Everyone is welcome!

There are some changes at Pram Chorus, with regular classes in London in Streatham, Brixton, Beckenham and Balham operating under the new name: Crib Notes.

Please contact Amandine for information about class dates/times:


Pram Chorus is all about YOU, the parent/carer doing something creative and fun for yourself, where your little one is also welcome (in all their vocal glory!) So bring your bumps and babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers and come to sing a huge variety of adult songs - no nursery rhymes.

We started in South London, UK, sessions run in Balham, Brixton, Beckenham and Streatham, as well as at our first franchise further afield in Sheffield. Now Pram Chorus will be running weekly singing for mental health, wellbeing, confidence and community, with local family support charities, Homestart Wandsworth and Little Village. These groups meet weekly in term-time with songs being taught by ear (without sheet music) so that parents have their hands free to hold a little one, dance or click along.

Being a parent is challenging. Not only are you dealing with the needs of a small, demanding dependent, it is extremely common (and understandable) to have issues with your own identity; feelings of loneliness and isolation as well as a loss of confidence after the trauma of birth, sleepless nights and feeding issues to name a few. Pram Chorus is extremely effective in that not only does singing with others in itself help to deal with negative feelings and emotions, it also creates a community of parents in a locality, who have something more in common than being parents - a shared interest in music.

Pram Chorus was my saviour last year! I came out with my brain fizzing and popping with songs and made a wonderful group of friends.
— Anna, accountant and mum to Jacob.