Do you have a passion for music-making with others? Would you like to start your own choir, but need some help? Do you have the musical skills but no idea how to go about advertising and recruiting choir members? Or do you have the business skills but not the musical ones?

At Choir Community we have founded community choirs, workplace choirs and school choirs as well as professional groups, so we have first-hand knowledge of all the different aspects of running a choir: from recruiting singers to choosing suitable repertoire, to putting on performances and making sure it is financially viable. There are many different ways to run a choir and many different types of choir, so if you would like us to help you set up your own choir, please get in touch:

Start your own Pram Chorus Franchise

Pram Chorus is a choir for parents, where they can bring their babies/toddlers/pre-schoolers. Songs are taught by ear so that members can have their hands free to look after their children appropriately, and also to develop the musical/aural skills of the choirs so that they are interacting with and responding to each other. Leading a Pram Chorus group or groups is the perfect, flexible job to work around your own children. Which of the following apply to you? You don't need to have all the below qualities/experience - we can help you fill in any gaps and give you appropriate support in any areas you need, but it gives you an idea of whether this is the job for you or not.

Do you run choirs already?

Are you a confident singer/musician?

Do you have experience teaching?

Are you a warm, sympathetic, confident and friendly person?

Are you organised, efficient and motivated to run your own business?

The franchise includes:

- RESOURCES: Song scores and audio recordings for teaching/learning purposes

- MARKETING: Use of the Pram Chorus brand name, logo and marketing materials 

- WEBSITE: Your own Pram Chorus webpage, including paying through the website

- TRAINING: Leadership, conducting, musical training 

- SUPPORT: Ongoing advice, support and professional development


Our aim is to make the franchise model flexible to suit your situation and experience, so the cost varies according to the amount of training and support you need and the number of choirs you want to run, starting at £35/month.